Daily Dose Cafe Wedding


The bride & groom were able to have their wedding at Daily Dose Cafe in Los Angeles, California. We were able to take bride and groom sunset photos located at the 4th Street Bridge in downtown Los Angeles.

Daily Dose Cafe Wedding

The Alley at Daily Dose Cafe Wedding Photos | Los Angeles, Ca

Are you looking for a small, intimate, affordable, and not popular wedding venue in Los Angeles? Be my guest and look no further. The alley at Daily Dose Cafe is that wedding venue. Located in the alley of two industrial buildings, this property is a restaurant by day and a party/event venue on the weekends. The narrow, but unique curved architecture gives it a feel that your ceremony is in a private location in downtown la.

The bride (Tina) and groom (Allen) are very urban when it comes to aesthetics. We had their engagement session in the heart of Culver City, going to coffee shops and restaurants, so daily dose cafe was a perfect fit for what they needed. The wedding party got ready at an Airbnb nearby, which enabled us to take first look photos at Vista Hermosa Park in Los Angeles. I positioned Allen with his back turned to wear Tina was going to walk up. This made for a stunning photo of downtown Los Angeles in the background for their first look.

After this, we went to Daily Dose Cafe to take some bridesmaids photos and bride and groom photos. The brick walls gave this a very artistic vibe. Wedding guests began to arrive, so we hid the bride until the wedding ceremony began. The ceremony was 2 hours before sunset but was very beautiful. I joked with Allen before the ceremony that he was going to cry when he saw his bride, but he held strong.

Bride and groom photos were taken in downtown Los Angeles at the 4th street bridge. These photos may be the best photos I have taken in downtown Los Angeles as my time as a wedding photographer. The golden sunset, with a slight haze in the sky, was to die for. The reception ended with a lot of dancing, drinking, and celebration! Thank you to Tina and Allen for allowing me to capture your wedding photos. I highly recommend this venue to anyone thinking about getting married!

Update: Hearing the cafe may have shut down. From my finding an art gallery “Garis and Hahn” is there now. Not sure if they are still doing weddings, but may want to call and check.

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